Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

This type of cover will pay legal defence costs and damages awarded against a director or officer of the Company arising from a wrongful act by a director or officer of the Company.

Our online arrangement is designed to quickly and cost effectively quote for limited liability companies with turnover of up to £10,000,000 and requiring indemnity limits up to £1,000,000. This is on a statement of fact basis (no proposal form) with premiums starting from £90 plus Insurance Premium Tax.

We can also arrange cover for other types and sizes of business entity and can also look at bespoke solutions with cover requirements up to £10ml indemnity limits on primary policies and far higher using excess of loss arrangements.

Proposal Forms

To obtain a fast, personalised, non-obligation quotation, please either complete an online form or print off a pdf version from below and send it to us.

Claim Forms

We have a set of standardised claim forms applicable to all schemes. They can be found here.